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A Jester’s job was to entertain the royals and the rabble, with jokes, poems, and songs.

At In Jest, we are dedicated to upholding this rich tradition with our brand of unique greetings cards.

We are the only greeting card company who creates funny poems, for their cards.

Whether you know a girl who is obsessed with shopping, a worn out teacher, or a cyclist who loves matching Lycra, we have a series of cards that focus on people’s jobs, passions and love of their sport.

Irreverent, witty and written to make people laugh out loud, we challenge you not to say “I know someone exactly like that!”

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Thank you so much In Jest Cards for your “Call Centre Agent” poem. I could not believe how well this environment could be captured. Hilarious, like all your other poems!

Wendy Sharpe

I was the recipient of one of the wonderful poems from In Jest. The theme of "Ode to the Queen of Cleaning" was so appropriate as my husband says I am obsessed with cleaning! It is definitely a conversation piece, bringing smiles and laughter to all who read it.

Cindy Ceerup

I gave this card to my best pal Jeanie - a brilliant teacher. She felt the verse was so fitting that the card was framed.

Heather Caldwell